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20 September 2014 @ 12:41 am
Back to this space  
Hello I'm finally back
Totally forgot about the existence of this space until like 5 minutes ago

I've been back in the US of A for almost a month now and we're going into the fourth week of school
Oh how time flies
Been wasting away my time just rotting on my couch watching Netflix/HK dramas/Korean reality shows cause I screwed up my knee in the first week of school
After three long weeks of waiting on doctors and scrambling around the OC for doctor's appointments, I found out today that all the shitty handicappedness was caused by my knee cap going out of place. Wow.
Old age is real

Can't wait to get well soon so I can:
1. Get back to training
2. Start exploring Cali again
3. Go to Disneyland
4. Work out more than just push ups/planking/sit ups

Feeling like life is just passing me by as I sit on this very couch
Hate being inactive/doing nothing with my life
Really excited to go back to training after all the shit stuff I hafta do, but then again I don't wanna risk my knee cap moving out of place again///surgery...

Sigh pie.
That down feeling you get when you're so helpless in your situation and you can't do the one thing you love most cause your body doesn't allow you to....................
What is life?

////Positive thinking
I'm gonna bounce back 100000x stronger
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: Maps - Maroon 5