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Cassandra Dongshio Choi
10 July 2014 @ 09:26 pm
Second week back at training
Feeling so much happier, fitter, and satisfied with how I'm spending my time
Today's training hella slayed me and I just dropped to the ground right after it ended
Intense is good, tho
Mind over body!

Still hella missing Seoul tho
I love you Seoul and all them husbands out there
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Cassandra Dongshio Choi
10 June 2014 @ 11:28 pm
It's been about a week since I got back to the motherland and my body clock is still a little wonky + I'm still not used to the heat and humidity
I don't even understand how I got past 21 years of my life in such conditions...
Anyways the past week has been fulfilling.
Met up with hella people(tho not everyone yet) and ate hella food(haven't eaten ban mian and bah chor mee oh em gee)
Went to all the places I used to love going
Became a tourist for two days
Even met the friends from 'Murica(hella spiritual)
All in all it was a week well spent and it sure does get me pumped up and excited to see what other adventures await me this summer
I'll let the pictures do the talking

Leaving to Korea tomorrow night
Let another set of adventures begin! :)
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Cassandra Dongshio Choi
17 April 2014 @ 12:31 pm
About a month of school left before we break for summer!
Summer means home, traveling, hella food adventures, a slew of amazing movies being released (X MEN), and reunions with friends
Cannot wait for everything awaiting me in summer, but this also means that 1/4 of my college life is coming to an end
Seriously dreading growing up and having to go out to the real world but that's how reality is, and there is no way of escaping it
Before it all, I hafta get past hella projects and finals and stuff... Shrugs
Kinda over this semester already(been over it since I got back from spring break)
But then I'm determined to make the remaining of my semester a good one and with the help of Uber, it shalt be

It is supposedly spring now but of course, sunny California is already sunny so we've already started whipping out those muscle tees and bathing suits
Not that I hate summer but I love spring fashion
It's the time when you don't have to wrap yourself up like crazy with a million layers but yet be able to layer a little and look fashionable without feeling too warm if you know what I'm talking about

This week has been hella cray for me and I can't wait for my next "bumming period" so I can listen to Divergent on Audible
Absolutely loved the movie and so I decided to read the books
Also wanna finish up The Five People You Meet in Heaven and The Newsroom (hell yeah i'm so freaking busy like that)
Say no to boredom, because you're not bored, you're just boring.

With that, I shall bid adios with some snippets of my life as documented on my iPhone

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Cassandra Dongshio Choi
05 April 2014 @ 01:53 am
Spring break was yet another hella awesome time spent with the one and only Hazel
Flew five hours to Boston, took a bus to New York, came back by train three days later and then spent the rest of my spring break in Boston
Although it was cold and kinda rainy, I had the time of my lifeeeeeeeeee
Walked hella in a very long time and my feet are soooo not used to walking...
Explored New York and Boston and I love the East Coast
It's so much different from here
Public transportation actually made sense there and it was actually possible to walk places (in Cali you basically die if you try to walk somewhere)
So we ate hella, shopped hella, went to museums, parks, landmarks, islands, watched movies, froze, trolled hella, went to a gig
Basically it was an awesome spring break
Can't wait to go back in Fall!
Imma just let the pictures do the talking

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Cassandra Dongshio Choi
12 March 2014 @ 08:38 pm
The caption says it all.
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Cassandra Dongshio Choi
25 February 2014 @ 12:07 am


It's almost a month into Spring semester and things have been going great since I dropped a class(I have to make up for this with one extra semester here but I don't mind it one bit tbh)
Currently on an alcohol cleanse(no alcohol for at least two weeks) because the hardcore partying in the first two weeks have proved to have detrimental effects on physical + mental health
Also nursing a flu rn which has been stuck to me for a week now and I want it to just go away cause I hate feeling this sleepy all the time

Spent the past weekend being very jobless but at least I rested hella and watched hella TV
We discovered this TV show called "Secret Sex Lives" which brought much joy to our otherwise dull Saturday night and we've decided to make this a weekly thing
A late night basketball/chilling/uke session also spiced up our Saturday night as we watched drunk people getting back from parties with the help of their friends, puking in the bushes as they went along
Moral of the story: Avoid the bushes on campus
And also, don't get that fucked up

Caught the Lego Movie on Friday and I gotta say... I salute the animators for the meticulous texturing on the characters
Also finished watching two Ghibli movies over the weekend: Howl's Moving Castle & Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea
One word: Amazing
Ghibli never disappoints(and the hidden meanings never fail to get me thinking)

Gonna get back to Netflix rn
Making very good progress with Gossip Girl and I finally feel like I'm actually going to be done with all six seasons.
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Cassandra Dongshio Choi
04 February 2014 @ 01:07 pm
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Cassandra Dongshio Choi
29 December 2013 @ 03:10 am
This break has been nothing short of perfect since it started about two weeks ago
It has just been boom boom boom all the way non-stop activities
Kinda exhausted now but I feel like I'm making good use of my life

My last final ended on the 13th and the madness began
Got schwasted that night, woke up the next day, caught Frozen with some homies, then spent time with them until Sunday
Left for a road trip to Arizona/Vegas on Monday, saw the Grand Canyon, experienced Vegas and yolo-ed a lot of stuff
Came back on Wednesday, and H arrived then
Then boom boom boom explored LA/Orange/Fullerton/Garden Grove/wherever else with her until Sunday, then we left for San Diego on Monday
Explored, chilled, hiked, celebrated Xmas and shit, then came back to Orange on Friday, packed and immediately went up to LA
Met ze kidney eating girl and other peeps who just arrived, explored LA, shopped, stayed one night in LA, and now we're finally back in Orange again
Just did laundry and packed

So mentally and physically exhausted I just wanna spend one day in bed watching Netflix
But then again it's my first winter here and I have so many opportunities to explore so I shall embrace it
K gotta zzz hafta wake up in 5 hours for the road trip bye world
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Cassandra Dongshio Choi
04 December 2013 @ 12:51 pm

Final week of instruction
And it's finals week next week
Time seriously flies when you're having fun
But then again this is a freaking short semester(MURICA)

Looking back at the past three months, I've had so many unforgettable experiences and I love it
I love how open and free it is here
I YOLO-ed it
Indeed THE college experience

Cassandra Dongshio Choi
01 December 2013 @ 03:13 am
Super thankful for all the people I met in America since I got here, and all the experiences I had
I feel like I'm such a lucky girl I couldn't ask for more (except maybe more warm clothes)
Had the time of my life in San Francisco over this break
So many YOLO experiences and so much laughter
Felt like I was finally living the life

Day 1 (Wed)
Basically I stayed up for two days tryna finish all my homework and I woke up at 5.30am to catch the cab to the airport
Survived on three hours of sleep that day
Got to the airport too freaking early, sent C off, then had Carl's Jr for breakfast
Weight gain started
Mama W came to get us at the Oakland Airport and drove us to San Francisco
Immediately fell in love with that beautiful city the moment I got there
The weather was great, the people were dressed well(at least not the SoCal sweats and hoodie look)
Everybody was 420 blazin' it there it was awesome hahaha
Explored Union Square, had Thai food for lunch with Papa W, went to the Ferry Tower, took the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf, made a friend(Sir Seagull Plox), took a cab to Chinatown for spiritual Chinese food
Took the BART home and I was so excited cause it was my first subway ride in three months(yep, Orange is that deprived)
Got back, drove out for froyo but everywhere was closed so we just settled for Baskin Robbins(still awesome)
Went to Safeway to buy microwaveable food cause we were starving again(idek why, probs cause we're pigs)
Ate, slept

Day 2 (Thurs)
Slept in till 1pm(so spiritual)
Had sushi for brunch, then went out to explore the neighborhood
Went to horse stables, saw mountains and squirrels
It was stunningly beautiful
Came back and helped prepare for Thanksgiving dinner
Watched some TV, ate, entered a food coma, online shopped for Black Friday

Day 3 (Fri)
Woke up early and took the BART down to SF to meet Sir Seagull Plox for Indian food
A lunch date ended up being a whole day thing that ended at 12++am
It was freaking gnarly
Explored the city together with someone we just met in the city, seeing it from different perspectives, and hitching rides(hehe)
Went to Castro Street after lunch in search for bears, then Union Square for Black Friday shopping, Chinatown again for Cantonese food, then drove up to Coit Tower, and down Lombard Street
We had the windows down all the time when we were in the car, blasting music, randomly greeting people on the streets, singing at the top of the voices because we just don't care

Day 4 (Sat)
Woke up early(again) to meet Mr Frankz for hotpot
He drove down to get us, had spiritual hotpot in SF, went to the Golden Gate Bridge
It was too freaking foggy to see anything but still spiritual
He drove us back, then we went to downtown WC for Chipotle, Brandy Melville and Target
Chilled in front of the TV watching SNL while eating our stuff from Chipotle
How perfect can life get?

Can't believe this break is over
But we'll be back fosho
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